Emily Langlois, CPT

"I lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks!

You really helped me not only get fit, but also be proud of myself - Melissa, OH
By: Recognized Weight Loss Specialist, Emily Langlois, CPT
What Are Women Saying?

Officially down 5.5 lbs since I started 2 weeks ago. Feeling great! - Melinda, NY

"I reached my goal weight and have definition in my abs!"
-Jen, MI

I lost 15% body fat in 4 weeks!
Emily made it easy to want to workout every day with fun, energetic workouts. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to learn and get in shape" - Amy, MI

"I didn't know I would lose so much! I just felt like I needed to get back in the rythem, and I was kind of surprised!" - Michelle 29

"I've finally hit the 205 mark on the scale! Thank you for all of your help, I haven't seen that on the scale since high school!"
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Here's what you'll receive:

Join my 4-week Fitness and Nutrition Program to lose weight quickly, see definition and LOVE Your Body. 

I've spent years training women and crafting this program so you get EXACTLY what you need to see results quickly.

  • Progressive Workouts You Can Do Anywhere - Grab your daily workout and exercise at home, your local gym, with a friend or anywhere! Workout on YOUR time.
  • Nutrition Guidance - Eat Carbs to lose weight. Yes, that's right. I'll give you a full meal plan that still includes your favorite foods and changeable to your life!
  • Access to Our Private Community - Meet women like you who are striving to be healthier, happier and better. We share recipes, tips, motivation and wins!
  • Access to Your Personal Trainer - I'm here to support you. I will help with exercise questions, nutrition questions, an extra little push or meal planning advice. Whatever support you need - I'm here to get you to your goal!
  • Join us to start your results NOW...
Emily Langlois
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Weight Loss Specialist
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