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Which of these 3 exercise mistakes are holding you back?
Mistake #1
You exercise without a plan. You do whatever you feel like doing and skip the things you hate. 

You're not sure WHY you are doing these workouts (maybe you saw it online?) It's frustrating because you are exercising but you aren't seeing the result. 
Mistake #2
You are doing the same workout over and over. 
You learned an exercise plan last year that you've been using workouts from ever since. You're bored and your body has adapted to it. You aren't seeing the change you once saw.
Mistake #3
You're too tired and don't have anyone to hold you accountable. Life is busy, right? You have great intentions of working out but somehow life always gets in the way! If only you have 5 more hours in a day!
Are you making any of these mistakes right now?
If so, keep reading because I will show you how to solve these problems!
Let me help you!
Hi! This is Emily, your online personal trainer and weight loss specialist. 

I know what it's like to want to be healthier, to WANT to exercise, to start a new program (many times) but something always stops you and you never seem to get the result you want.

The cold hard truth is, most women aren't doing the RIGHT exercise for your body. You are wasting your time and it becomes frustrating.

I was just like you and I'm here to break that cycle! I want to help you become healthy, lose weight, fit into those jeans and LOVE your body. 
What SHOULD I be Doing?
Solution #1
Schedule your workouts. Look at your week ahead and plan out your workout blocks. If it isn't part of your scheduled day, life will undoubtedly get busy. Don't cancel with yourself. YOU are a priority.
Solution #2 
Follow a program that is meant for YOU and changes regularly. Receive workouts that will challenge you and change your body day after day. Most importantly, it's designed just for you!
Solution #3
Join a trainer with a community to hold you accountable. Like our facebook group, find a group with other women who are striving towards the same goals. Share recipes, wins, personal goals and funny workout stories! You aren't alone. You don't have to do this alone!
Would you like help making these 3 steps really easy?
Team Training
Is Team Training the Right FIT For You?
I would love to help everyone but unfortunately, this program ISN'T for everyone. 
Team Training is for you if:
  •  You want to become healthier, lose weight and feel AMAZING 
  •  You can dedicate at least 30 mins a day to exercise
  •  You have space to workout at home or a local gym
  •  You've tried other programs and need something that is meant for you, will challenge you and hold you accountable!
  •  You want to eat healthier
  •  You like being part of a supportive group of women
  •  You aren't looking for a "quick fix" - you want results you can keep
  •  You are sick of feeling tired and frustrated
  •  You want a trainer who will always be available to answer questions and give an occasional push
  •  You're ready to start today!
What Are Other Women Experiencing when they join Team Training?
Team Training has helped hundreds of women. Here are a few of their WINS
I lost 15% body fat in 4 weeks!
Emily made it easy to want to workout every day with fun, energetic workouts. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to learn and get in shape"
- Amy, MI
"You really helped me not only get fit, but also be proud of myself. "
-Melissa, OH
"I'm serious people, you should check her out. Emily gave me a full body circuit using equipment I already own at home & staying sensitive to my current injury (I am non-weight bearing on my right foot). These crutches are no longer preventing me from staying fit."
-Jen, MI
You're Protected by the Money-Back Gaurantee
Risk-Free Program!
If you don't see results, I will personally refund every penny you spend! 

Your success is what's important. 
I'm so excited to have you as the newest member of Team Training!
Emily Langlois, CPT
Certified Personal Trainer
Weight Loss Specialist
Speaker/ Writer
I've tested and refined the fitness strategies in this program for 3 years making sure it has everything you need to get the results you want. 
  •  New Workouts Each Month to keep your body changing and you excited! 
  •  Exercise Demonstrations so you know you are doing it correctly. You can try new exercises with confidence!
  •  Cardio, Strength, Core and Stretch - all included in your workouts
  •  24/7 support by your trainer and other ladies in our private community
  •  ME as your personal trainer - I'm here for you every step of the way. Let''s do this together!
  •  Receive a FREE AMAZON GIFT CARD when you bring your friends to join you! We all benefit when our loved ones get healthy with us! Add accountability, a fun workout partner and money! Win, Win, Win :)
Monthly Membership
Billed monthly
Cancel Anytime
  • New Workouts Each Month
  • Optional Daily Food Log
  • Private Group Access
  • Support from Emily, Your Personal Trainer
Semi- Annual Membership
Billed every 6 months
Cancel Anytime
  • New Workouts Each Month
  • Optional Daily Food Log
  • Private Group Access
  • Support from Emily, Your Personal Trainer
  • You Save 20%
Annual Membership
Billed annually
Cancel Anytime
  • New Workouts Each Month
  • Optional Daily Food Log
  • Private Group Access
  • Support from Emily, Your Personal Trainer
  • You Save 30%
Remember, You've always been beautiful. Now you are choosing to be healthy, happy and strong
I can't wait to help you! Thank you for putting your trust in me and becoming the newest member of Team Training. Join our group to see how trying something new is just what you need!

Emily Langlois, CPT
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