Is Eating Healthy Your Biggest Hurdle?
 Introducing: Nutrition Coaching
By weight Loss Specialist, Emily Langlois
Limited Spots Available! 
  •  One on One Nutrition Coaching
  •  In a one-month package, you'll receive:
  •  Explanation: Understand the types of foods you should be eating, how much and TIMING - which is important
  • Macros: Are you eating enough proteins, fats and carbs? Are you eating the RIGHT sources?
  •  Food Labels: What to look for and what all of those 'oses' mean
  •  Daily Food Log: See if you are on track
  •  Community: Join our private comunity for recipes and support
  •  Check-ins: I will see how you are doing, what questions you have and if we need to adjust along the way!
Everything You Need to Eat Healthy and Live happy
I'm so excited to share this information with you because it can TRANSFORM your life. Eating healthy is the number one key to reaching your goals, becoming healthy, losing weight and feeling GREAT! You will have more energy, your skin will be brighter, you stomach will be smaller - all can be done with just a few easy changes. 

I want YOU to unlock your full potential. 

Let's work together to get you there!

With all of the personalized nutrition planning and resources you'll receive, this program is worth $99. But I'm so passionate about sharing information, I'd like to offer it to you for only $29!

I can only accept 6 new spots this month, so please, enroll today! :)
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ONE TIME OFFER ($9.99): Lets face it, we have questions! We also need support, accountability and a little extra motivation some days. Sign up for a weekly phone call to stay on track, ask all of your questions and have the healthiest month on your LIFE!

Emily Langlois
I'm so excited to join you and share YEARS what I've been learning for YEARS to help you become the healthiest version of you. 
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