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What Is The Best Protein Shake For Me?
Written by Emily Langlois, CPT
Clients ask me all of the time, “which protein shake is best for me? “
 “Which protein shake is best for weight loss?” or “Should I be drinking a protein shake?”

My answer is nearly always the same. Protein shakes are a wonderful way to add in protein if you don’t get enough from your normal diet. As most of us don’t, YES, I highly recommend adding in a protein powder in your daily meal plan. Protein shakes are great for a quick breakfast or snack! If you don’t like shakes, add the powder to food you’re already eating. I really enjoy adding protein powder to my oatmeal in the morning for a hearty breakfast. Protein is not just for bodybuilders, if you want to lose weight, I highly recommend getting enough protein!

It’s important to select the RIGHT protein shake as you don’t want to add more sugar or calories than you need. Be sure you are receiving the full benefits!

How to Choose A Protein Shake:

1. Ingredients
The first thing I look for when selecting a protein shake for myself or clients are ingredients. Namely, what kind of protein is it? Are you looking for a whey protein or a plant based (dairy or dairy free) shake? There are also shakes made from soy protein and many other substitutes .

2. Calories vs. Nutrients
How many calories are in your protein? I recommend your protein be around 100 calories. And of this, between 11-25g of protein. Your body doesn’t need more than 25g in one sitting and if you are drinking less than 11g, it’s no longer a protein shake. Remember, your choosing a protein shake to replace a higher calorie meal option, we don’t want to then drink 300-500 calories to "be healthy".

3. What Else Is Added
This is a BIG one. Nearly all protein powders have added other ingredients to their mix either to keep you full or add other benefits. Stay away from added sugars, added carbs or anything you can’t pronounce. If you wouldn’t eat it at home – don’t eat it out of a container!

I recommend selecting a shake that has vitamins and minerals in it so you are also receiving nutrients with your meal replacement. As a bonus, I’ve found one that also includes fat-burning ingredients with their nutrition.

As I mention above, it can become very complicated looking for the right protein. I’ve reviewed Shakeology, 310, Vega, GNC and Isagenix looking for the healthiest and best VALUE of protein powder. After years of reading labels, tasting and reviewing, one stands out as a shake that gives me low calories, 20 vitamins and minerals, fat burning ingredients AND ½ the cost of it’s competitors. I drink it daily and recommend to all my clients as part of their weight loss program.

Idealshake is smooth, creamy and delicious with only 110 calories and 2g sugar .
 - Controls hunger and cravings for up to 3 hours with the hunger-blocker blend .
 - No "deprivation" feelings… you get to enjoy a dessert-like smoothie every day! 
 - 11g high-quality, all-whey protein helps you build lean muscle when combined with exercise
 - Convenient and affordable, just $1.67 per meal or less!

Are you receiving the most benefit from your protein shake? Try the 30-Day Bundle and see how amazing you feel

About Author: Emily Langlois, CPT

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I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Specialist in Weight Loss and Nationally Recognized Group Fitness Instructor.

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